Is it possible to apply for a Masters program in the UK after completing all your ACCA exams

ACCA is highly regarded in the UK, and full ACCA is deemed to be equivalent a Master’s degree. The advanced diploma in accountancy and business is deemed equivalent to a three-year bachelor’s degree in the UK. 

After completing your ACCA Qualification, yes it is possible to apply for a Masters in the UK. If you want an online one for a cheaper price you can enrol with either University College of London and obtain a Masters in Professional Accountancy or search online for other alternatives that recognize the ACCA Qualification (most of them do). Oxford Brookes University also offers a Masters in Applied Accountancy which you can take advantage of. Those are two degrees that will certainly enhance your career prospects on top of the ACCA Qualification.  

If on the other hand you want a full-time taught Master’s degree, there are a number of universities you can take advantage of. University of Plymouth, University of Salford Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Westminster, University of Derby and Coventry University amongst others will all accept your application and grant you an offer. They are considered to be one of the affordable ones and you can apply to other more expensive ones and apply for funding. The above listed universities have a fees structure that ranges between £13000-£15000 for a full masters excluding living costs. You must be able to prove that you can pay for your living costs for the duration of your studies by provision of either your bank statement, or that of your sponsor to be considered for a visa if you need one.  

The introduction of a 2-year post study visa for international students has made the offer lucrative. Here you are granted a 2-year visa that enables you to be able to look for a job within the UK for a period of two years before you can return home, that is if you do not manage to obtain visa sponsorship.  

Having an Oxford Brookes Bachelor’s degree is also an advantage as it will waive the requirement for you to prove that you can speak English as the degree is assessed in English.  

A master’s degree will certainly enhance your career prospects, and might provide you with a ticket for you to enter the UK job market which is attractive both in terms of exposure and salary. However please note that there are no guarantees and finishing your ACCA qualification will not guarantee you a masters place, a job and a visa in the UK.

4 thoughts on “Is it possible to apply for a Masters program in the UK after completing all your ACCA exams

  1. £13000-£15000 is quite a lot of money considering you’ll be spending around the same amount of money in living expenses too

    65%-75% scholarships will be good or student loans since after graduation we will be allowed to stay and work in the UK for a couple of years .

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    1. Agreed mate 👍 Most universities offer good scholarship opportunities though, especially the ones mentioned on this post! If you manage to secure half/full scholarships to study your masters, that’ll be a good deal!


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