How I passed my ACCA Applied Skills and Applied Knowledge exams

My ACCA journey was fruitful and am grateful that it is a foundation on which I build my career. I have no regrets whatsoever, only lessons learnt and couldn’t be any prouder for the decision I made to pursue the ACCA Qualification soon after my A levels. The exams were certainly challenging however I was equipped with skills I will use for life. 

ACCA Accounting in Business (AB) was certainly straight forward for me. It was a mere regurgitation of knowledge and I would describe it as an introduction to the ACCA Qualification. I had no problems with this paper, but the multiple choice was not as easy as you might think. As the first ACCA exam paper, don’t assume it’s easy, it just depends on you. For me it was okay, I had no problems with it. Wouldn’t say I loved it though. I passed it first time. 

ACCA Management Accounting (MA) was a beast for me. I found studying for this ACCA exam paper very easy but the exam, eeeh, it was something else. It’s the only ACCA exam I didn’t finish because of exam pressure, lessons learnt because it was my first ever ACCA paper. I wrote AB, MA and FA in the same exam session and I started with MA. The exam itself was horrible everything was difficult, wanted to cry but thankfully I didn’t think about quitting, although I considered restudying for it before the ACCA exam results were released. Yes, it was that hard but I passed first time. 

Like AB, ACCA Financial Accounting (FA) was straightforward. Not a big problem, simple debits and credits and application of my A level to most of the staff. It was all about familiarizing myself with what the ACCA examiners wanted and I didn’t have any major problems. The ACCA FA exam was relatively easy, and slept through the last 30 minutes of the paper, that’s how straightforward it was. 

ACCA Corporate Law (LW) is one of the two ACCA papers I hated. The other one being Taxation. There was virtually little or no analytical thinking involved because of course law is law, but I appreciated the paper. It was one of those papers I just wanted to get over with. I wrote a computer-based exam for this one and was happy to pass first time. I didn’t expect to fail of course because yes it was easy. I hated it though. 

ACCA Performance Measurement (ACCA) was the hardest ACCA paper I ever wrote. Yes, this includes all the ACCA papers, APM included. It was just so difficult. During the study phase I could understand all the concepts and all the technical staff. And when I revised the ACCA past papers, eeeh I knew nothing. I expected that considering my woes with ACCA MA and I attributed my problems with the paper to lack of a solid foundation in MA. Surprisingly I passed it first time and I was the happiest man on earth. Management Accounting is certainly my weakest point when it comes to my field and am certainly looking forward to addressing that. 

ACCA Taxation (TX) was annoying more than anything. There was a lot to grasp and no analytical thinking. It certainly required a certain level of focus and discipline to make it. It was the hardest to study but was easy to pass. The exam was straightforward and I knew I had passed the second I stepped out of that exam room. I did UK tax and I passed first time. 

ACCA Financial Reporting (FR) was just lovely. It was easier grasping everything, I loved the revenue and leasing standards. They were my favorite, cash flow statements? Not so much. Didn’t like them but consolidated financial statements were my favorite also, understood them very well and had a solid approach on which to answer them. Everything didn’t just fall in place overnight, there were struggles here and there but ultimately I made it. I certainly thought I had gotten about 90% after this exam but was humbled by a 60% by ACCA. After this, I learnt how to lower my expectations. 

ACCA Audit and Assurance made a lot of sense considering the success I had with Financial Reporting. As I always say, with AA you’re basically auditing FR. So a solid base on FR will certainly make life easy. It was generally an easy paper for me and I passed AA in the first attempt. 

As I always say, I love Financial Management. It has always been a dream to work in the financial advisory department and after ACCA, becoming a CFA charteholder is now the ultimate target. I enjoyed this paper, and although it wasn’t that easy, my love for it contributed to passing it. If you do what you love you’ll always succeed and that’s how I conquered Financial Management. 

Passing the first 9 papers of the ACCA qualification was in no way easy. It required a lot of effort and dedication to get through all the papers in first attempt. I hope this encourages you to work very hard to achieve your educational goals. Good luck!

7 thoughts on “How I passed my ACCA Applied Skills and Applied Knowledge exams

  1. I serious need a good advice on the strategy to study and pass my last 3 skills papers being PM,AA and FM.


    1. Hie Shallety, I will be posting a video sometime this week on the specific exam technique to follow in order to pass those papers! Stay tuned and subscribe to receive notifications when the article is posted!


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