Is it possible to write 3 ACCA Strategic Professional exams at once?

It is normal for ACCA students to consider writing a lot of papers at once so as to minimize the time taken to complete the ACCA qualification. It also comes with the prestige of finishing ACCA exams quicker than most students. To answer the question, yes, it’s very possible. Nothing is impossible with ACCA and some students will agree with me that it is indeed possible to write 3 professional papers at once and pass them all, but it is highly difficult. 

For you to pass one ACCA exam you need to have a deep understanding of concepts about each individual paper and that comes with many hours of study and dedication. Having 3 papers makes that difficult because you have to replicate all the hours of study and revision for all the 3 ACCA papers equally without neglecting the other one. However, you might have an understanding of most concepts in those 3 papers you have chosen, maybe from prior studies or your work experience hence could rely on that to pass your ACCA exam. That is risky, because the way ACCA examines is different from any other institution but if you have confidence in your abilities, you can go on.

Also, most people who do that take the ACCA exams half yearly (June and December) so that they have 6 months of study which works well for three papers. My goal was to write 2 exams per sitting and utilised the 4 exam window with success. So in 6 months, I wrote 4 ACCA exams and I wrote my 5 ACCA Professional papers over a 10 month period (considering I failed my final exam once).

My advice is to maximise the 4 exam window that ACCA offers and write within those 3 months, if you take 2 ACCA professional papers in every ACCA exam sitting you are likely to finish more papers than someone who writes in June and December only. But every situation is different. Also be aware that ACCA allows students to take a maximum of 4 exams during each exam cycle across a maximum of 8 distinct exams per calendar year.

ACCA exams must be written in modular order, but you can attempt the papers within each modular in any order. For example you cannot attempt ACCA Strategic Professional exams before finishing your ACCA Applied Skills papers. However, it is permissible to attempt your last Applied Skills paper(s) with a Strategic Professional Paper. I wrote my taxation (TX) paper together with ethics and corporate governance (previously known as P1) and passed them all.

Having said that, it varies from one person to another. If you think you can devote enough time to prepare each paper, then go for it. Goodluck…

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