Avoid study texts!!

After passing my first three papers, AB, MA and FA, I completely changed my strategy and stopped using BPP study kits and study text. It was mainly because they were expensive for me and I considered the material to contain a lot of clutter. And with the books, you took a lot of time to finish the syllabus and in the end, you’d be left with a few days for revision. It was the best decision I ever made throughout my ACCA journey considering I wrote an average of 6 papers per year.  

With the ACCA study texts it takes a lot to finish the syllabus by reading topic by topic considering on average, each textbook contains about 500 pages of pages. It is certainly demotivating and morale can take a big hit when studying. With the kits, the reason I did not use them was because I could just go straight to the ACCA website and just download the original paper together with the answers. Some of the questions in these kits are modified and edited God knows why and I would prefer the original papers that were published. Also, I focused on what the examiner wanted, how he works out a particular question which can be derived from the answers hence why I prefer the original ACCA past papers. 

To be able to do this, I needed something to use for me to scrap off the use of the ACCA study texts. That is when I realized the importance of using technical articles. Technical articles are one of the most vital ACCA resource that can make a difference between a fail and a pass. I used technical articles for each and every ACCA exam I sat and I would attribute all my exam success to them. 

Technical articles are published by ACCA on a regular basis, and entirely focus in current issues, or concepts that students performed badly in during exams to alleviate exam performance. Generally, the most recent technical articles have a good chance of being examined in the upcoming exam hence why you should read them more frequently. They are written out by examiners, lecturers and accounting professionals and ensure that students have a deep understanding of the issue at hand and contribute to a pass. Technical articles are published for all the ACCA papers, and most be used efficiently to enable better results to be achieved. 

Having said all that, technical articles are not a guarantee for success. You need to supplement them with aggressive study and deep understanding of concepts which can be obtained from any tuition provider you prefer.  I recommend LSBF or Acowtancy for study lectures and revision. Then use technical articles simultaneously with your summary notes you would have created during the study phase. In most exams, 5-20 marks of the exam questions can be answered from information obtained from technical articles. Like I said, it can make a difference between a pass and a fail. 

Also. take a look at some of the resources that are published on the ACCA website. These include ACCA examiner reports and any webinars that are organized by the institution. Familiarize yourself with those resources and you might be on your way to conquering your examinations. I preferred copying these documents into a word document to enable me to use them whenever am in a place that has no internet access! I would read them everywhere, the bus, the grocery store and any other place until I have a deep understanding of the underlying concepts.  

I hope this helps you prepare for your studies in an effective and efficient way. Goodluck…

4 thoughts on “Avoid study texts!!

  1. Hey ive been following your blog for a while now.. could you please share all your scores with us? Itd make it more reliable and motivating to follow all your study techniques.. please do if you can.. and highly appreciate all the efforts you put in


    1. Thank you very much for your feedback. I will definitely work on an article that includes all that!!!! Thanks again!


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