How to pass ACCA Advanced Perfomance Masurement (APM)

ACCA Advanced Performance Measurement is the most difficult ACCA paper (according to the syllabus). Students are usually skeptical about taking this ACCA paper, me included and that is why I opted for ACCA AAA and ACCA AFM rather than APM. But if your passion lies in ACCA APM, go for it. Here are tips on how to pass this ACCA exam. All the information outlined here is based on extensive research about the ACCA paper as it is not part of the ACCA papers I chose for my ACCA Strategic Professional Options.

During your ACCA APM study phase, ensure that you have a deep understanding of underlying concepts. Generally, this could be obtained through the reading of an ACCA study kit, at-least once. But I highly recommend the use of ACCA study lectures that are offered by reputable institutions that include Acowtancy and LSBF. They will cover the whole ACCA syllabus and ensure that you grasp the concepts that make up this ACCA paper. Knowledge of the ACCA syllabus is vital to ensure that you cover every aspect of the ACCA paper and never leave out any sections uncovered. Remember to make your own ACCA APM notes during this phase so that you can use them to refer to parts of the ACCA syllabus during the ACCA revision phase.

Practice ACCA past exam papers very well and focus on ACCA past exam papers from the last 10 years. Make sure you write down the responses to ACCA past papers under real exam situations. Revise and jot down the key points you would have noted and the sessions you would have performed badly in during this ACCA revision process. Consult the ACCA examiner reports and take note of the reasons why most ACCA students fail this ACCA exam. This will ensure that you do not repeat the same mistakes that are made by ACCA APM students. Do that during your ACCA revision. In that way, you have ample time to address those issues. Also consult your ACCA friends and discuss some of the issues that you might find difficult. Learning through others yields positive benefits especially when you are on ACCA self study. More on this here.

When answering ACCA exam questions, pay attention to the requirements and read carefully. This will ensure that you plan accordingly and avoid giving unnecessary responses to ACCA exam questions. Wasting your time is costly as we generally aim to attempt at-least 90% of the ACCA paper to pass!! For example if answering a 5 mark ACCA question, you generally need to provide 5 well constructed and valid points in-order to score well. This will ensure that you do not spend an unnecessary amount of time in a single ACCA question. There are always enough easy marks available to pass an ACCA exam. Make sure you take advantage of them. For example “advantages and disadvantages of using qualitative models in predicting corporate failure” question from the March/June 2018 ACCA sample questions should not pose much problems.

Presentation is key in laying down your answer. ACCA examiners often fail to understand what is being written by students and this contributes to failure. This will also result in loss of ACCA professional marks. Remember we are focusing on the easy marks to pass this ACCA exam, and professional marks are one of the easy bits of the ACCA exam.

When answering ACCA questions that require you to “evaluate”, remember to also make suggestions and in that way, you will score well in this ACCA exam. Application is important. Answer contextually and do no give generic answers as these will not score you anything in ACCA exams. Also make sure you understand what you are calculating and be in a position to explain your calculations clearly, and make the relevant interpretations. As I mentioned before, strive to answer at-least 90% of the ACCA exam to pass. Allocate enough time to study for this this ACCA exam and leave enough time for revision.

Lastly, read and revise the other ACCA exam resources that are offered by ACCA. These include the aforementioned ACCA examiner reports, ACCA technical articles, and other important resources. Also attend ACCA webinars and these might help you prepare for the ACCA exam. Goodluck…

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