How soon after your exams should you start studying for your next ACCA exam?

You might be tired from your ACCA exams and might be wondering when you need to resume your studies after a tiresome period of study in preparation for your ACCA exams. I’d say the answer to this question depends on whether you want to write your paper in the next 3 months, or in the next 6 months. 

If you want to write your paper in the next 3 months, it is advisable that you resume your studies on the first Monday after the ACCA exam week. You’d be wondering why I’d be suggesting that considering you have not even received your results but let me break down the basis of my answer.  

Firstly, I wrote my ACCA exams every quarter and often, I would write 2 papers per quarter/sitting. To make that possible I needed to study for one of the two papers earlier to give myself a chance of passing both ACCA papers and I would generally work on one paper whilst am waiting for my results. This also ensured that if I fail one of the papers, I would be able to write 2 papers again and continue the cycle. I had to make provisions for failure although failure wasn’t really an option for me and I worked hard to ensure that I attained at least 50% from all the ACCA exams. By the time results are released (a month later), I would have already started revision for the paper I would have started studying for earlier, depending on the size of the syllabus. This ensured that I had a full 3 months to prepare for my exam and maximize my time for study. 

If you are writing your ACCA exams after 6 months, you have a lot of time to plan for your ACCA exams. You can wait until your ACCA results are released and then plan accordingly. Here you also have a lot of resting time and time to spend with family or focus on your job.  

But generally, it all depends on how quick you grasp concepts and the time you have to prepare for your ACCA papers. During this lockdown or stay-at-home, most people have a lot of spare time. This is an opportunity to focus on your ACCA studies and prepare yourself well for the upcoming ACCA exams. In most places ACCA exams for the June session have been discarded, and the next available exam session is September. With that much idle time, spend it wisely and let it be an opportunity to catch up with your studies and stay close to your family!

Finding time to study when you have family around is very difficult, but it is indeed possible. Find a dedicated study spot that cancels all the noise, and advise all your family members beforehand about your study timetable so that they do not disturb. This will maximise your chances of passing your ACCA exams. Utilise this time, stay safe guys and study very well. Goodluck…

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