How to pass your ACCA exams last minute!

They are a few institutions like BPP, or Kaplan that release the topics they expect to be examined in the upcoming ACCA exams. These are released a month before ACCA exams and some can be found on the PQ Magazine and they are deemed to be a guide of what is expected to be generally examined during the ACCA exams.

You might have little time on your hands to try to prepare for the whole ACCA syllabus and might consider evolving your study around those topics. This might look easy and straightforward but it is generally difficult to predict ACCA exams. Those institutions won’t know for certain what would be examined and so it is generally advised that you cover the whole syllabus. Those predictions must act as a way of ensuring that you covered the whole syllabus and checking their predicted topics against what you have studied to ensure that you have studied thoroughly.

The same applies for mock exams. Do not assume that the exam questions that are on the mock resemble questions that are going to be examined in the upcoming ACCA exam session. Study thoroughly and do not rely on predictions to pass your ACCA exams.

It is generally difficult to study for ACCA exams let alone pass them and I understand since I was once an ACCA student like you. You probably do not have enough time to study for your ACCA exams as you might like but there are ways you can turn that fail in ACCA exams into a pass in the last month before you sit your exams. Here is how.

Mock exams

A lot of institutions including BPP offer mock exams to ACCA students to aid in their success in upcoming exams. Make good use of these exams and attempt them in strict exam conditions. This will maximize your chances of success and could transform a fail to a pass in your exams.

Technical articles

Technical articles are my favorite ACCA resource that makes a huge difference. They often consist of study material or study concepts that often trouble students in prior exams and reading them may result in success in your ACCA exams. Articles in these technical articles are most likely to be examined as history shows and it is evident that the ACCA examiner actually wants ACCA students to succeed.

ACCA Examiner reports

During my time as an ACCA student, I never bothered to read these reports to be honest. However after consultation with my friends and doing research it is said they really help a lot. They actually tell you why students fail and highlight the issues that students struggle with during each individual paper. Read them so as not replicate the mistakes that are done by other students and turn that fail into a pass.

If this is used effectively and efficiently, it can result in huge success for ACCA students. Goodluck…

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