How to study on your last week before ACCA exams!

The last week of your exams is the most difficult time to manage your study. You start to panic and end up touching everything hence losing precious study time. The most important thing about making this work efficiently is making sure that you make the best out of this limited time to turn that fail into a pass. Here are a few tips on what to do on your final week before the exams.

Practice a lot of ACCA past papers under exam conditions. Not only will this prepare you technically for your ACCA exams, it will also ensure that you panic less during the exams since you are somehow familiar with those conditions hence little time will be wasted. Make sure you revise those ACCA past papers and address the issues you might have gotten wrong.

You must ensure that you also revisit problem areas you encountered during your revision phase to ensure that you cement your technical understanding on all issues that you might encounter during your exams. For example, during my final AFM paper during the last week before exams I focused mainly on interest rate hedging as it’s the aspect that had given me the most problems during the whole study phase.

You might want to polish your knowledge base during this time by reading the footnotes you might have created for yourself during the revision phase and if you did not, you might want to check out pocket notes that are offered by institutions like BPP, Kaplan and others to aid your study. They are summarised and ideal to read just before your examinations.

Lastly, do no panic and get some rest before the exams. You need that energy during the exam day and might want to get enough sleep the day before the ACCA exam to make sure you are fit and ready for anything that might come up. Goodluck…

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