2021 goals that every ACCA student must have

Being an ACCA student comes with its challenges. The focus and resilience required to succeed as an ACCA student is immerse and requires profound dedication. The last year has been difficult for everyone including ACCA students. Some saw their exams being canceled when they were at the verge of becoming ACCA Affiliates, and others had to embrace virtual exams. Paying for exams became a struggle too as some people went months without a salary package due to the effect of this pandemic that continues to live within us. Am not saying its over because its not, but now we learn to live with it. Here are the goals that I think every ACCA student must have in-order to succeed as an ACCA student. Feel free to share your goals.

The first goal is to complete at-least four papers of the ACCA Qualification this year. This of-course depends on a number of factors including the availability of exams in your country during the year. I focused on 4 exams primarily because I assumed you take at-least one exam per exam session that runs quarterly from March. This will be a significant step towards becoming an ACCA Affiliate. The flexibility that comes with ACCA allows students to book their exams whenever they want hence it is sometimes difficult to come to a decision as to when to write exams. Setting goals of what exams to write can help study and prepare for the exams and hence aid is success in these exams. This will also enable you to track your progress and evaluate your goals. It is more important to do this if you work full-time as you have to juggle school and work hence settings goals will ensure you maintain a healthy balance between work and school.

Your second goal should be embracing your shortfalls and passing your ACCA retakes. It can be difficult to bounce back from a defeat and ACCA is no exception. The thought of having to re-read everything you had put away is unbearable, but those are some of the hurdles we have to go through to succeed. The December results will be released in the coming week and whatever the result is, accept it and move on. Figure out what went wrong and build from it. I have heard from several people that a pass mark between 40% and 49% means exam strategy let you down and anything below that means your knowledge of the particular paper was not solid. Think about that it might just help you prepare for your retake. I have always mentioned in my previous articles that you are most likely to pass an ACCA exam if you are writing it for the second time than the person writing the paper for the first time. Make use of that slight advantage.

The next goal should be to read a standard per day. Whether you are an ACCA student or ACCA Affiliate, there is no doubt that standards are detrimental instruments used by accountants. You must understand standards and how to apply them. This will help accelerate your career in the accountancy field as everything you do is based on standards. Practice them and understand their role in accountancy. If you want a career in audit you will come to understand the importance of accounting standards.

The last goal is to qualify and join the ACCA Affiliate community. This applies to students who are a few exams towards passing all the ACCA exams. Remember, the ACCA professional exams are very difficult and hence do not get carried away. They might be light st the end of the tunnel however do not be complacent and relax. Continue working hard to make the dream a reality. Visit my previous posts that detail how to pass ACCA Strategic Professional exams and I hope they help you progress. When you reach the finish line, remember you have a duty of advocacy to the ACCA community. Help others that are starting out on their journey.

My goal this year is to help you pass your exams. Its seems a bit cliché but I hope I contribute towards making your ACCA journey worthwhile. I hope this helps. Goodluck.

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