How to pass ACCA Advanced Taxation (ATX)

ACCA ATX is one of the ACCA optional papers. This article will be based on research gathered about the UK variant version, but the same information applies for any other ACCA variant out there. The aim of this ACCA paper is to provide advice to businesses or individuals on the impact of major taxes on financial decisions and situations. This is a huge step up from the ACCA TX paper. Being able to bridge the gap that exists between the two ACCA papers will help students pass this ACCA exam. Here I’ll discuss the ACCA study and exam techniques that you can follow to maximize the your chances of passing this ACCA exam!

As mentioned before, it is important that you bridge the gap that exists between ACCA TX and ACCA ATX. This could be done by revisiting the concepts that make up the ACCA TX paper because the assumed knowledge on the ACCA ATX paper is very significant. Your basics need to be solid to pass the ACCA ATX paper, and cementing your knowledge of the ACCA TX paper will help substantially! Failing the ACCA exam because of information that applies to ACCA TX is common, hence it is important that you have an understanding of that part. Some of you might have been exempted from the ACCA TX paper, so this step will be vital to familiarize yourself with the core concepts that make up the ACCA paper.

Ensure that you have enough time to study the whole ACCA syllabus. I studied for all my exams within a 12 week period, with at-least 4 weeks dedicated to revision. This should be sufficient to cover the whole ACCA syllabus. Do not leave out any ACCA ATX topics untouched. A good grasp of the concepts that underpin the ACCA paper is very important. Familiarize yourself with the ACCA syllabus to ensure that you do not leave out any syllabus areas untouched! A good understanding of the ACCA technical aspects that underpin the ACCA exams is important to pass the ACCA ATX paper. Make your own notes during the study phase. This will help cement your knowledge on important aspects of the ACCA paper. It will help remember the difficult areas of the ACCA syllabus. Cover the main topics very well. These include income tax, corporation tax, and capital taxes and trusts.

Practice is important to pass this ACCA exam. Have a systematic way to answer the ACCA exam questions and this will help attain the professional marks. When answering questions, learn to link analysis to the scenario and answer contextually. Do not give generic answers as they will not score you marks. Practice to able to fish out the important information from the scenario given. Time management is also important to pass the ACCA exam. Students who finish the ACCA exam are more likely to pass than those who don’t. Be efficient when answering questions and the number of marks allocated are an indication of how much time you should spend on a particular question in the ACCA exam. Also, discuss the difficult bits of the ACCA exam with your tutors and study buddies in-order to have a solid foundation on all the aspects of the ACCA paper.

The ACCA examiner pointed out that ACCA students fail because of the inability to understand the questions. This leads them to give irrelevant answers hence further waste time. To prevent this, it is important to use the 15 minutes planning time effectively. It is an opportunity for you to understand very well the requirements of all the questions, and establish a plan on how to answer them in the most relevant and time efficient way. The other reason why ACCA students fail is because ACCA students do not have sufficient technical knowledge, and could not apply tax rules to the ACCA exam questions. This can be attributed to lack of adequate study and revision. It is vital that you have at-least 4 weeks of revision available to pass the ACCA exam. Do as many revision questions as possible and that will help pass the ACCA exam.

Generally, this is a technical paper hence application is more important than a mere regurgitation of knowledge. Understand the core principles that make up this ACCA paper, and this will help pass the ACCA exam! Goodluck…

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